Greg French

Dedicated to Helping People Have a Better Financial Future

My name is Greg French and I am focused on helping you reach your short and long-term financial goals. With several years of industry knowledge and expertise under my belt, I will help you create strategies that will produce significant returns and protect you from financial ruin.

I am licensed for mutual funds and life and health insurance.I am licensed for mutual funds in Ontario and life and health insurance in Ontario and BC.

What I Do

As your financial advisor, I am committed to helping you feel more optimistic about your future and where you are going. That’s why I listen carefully to your issues before recommending a course of action. By focusing on repositioning my client’s balance sheets, I can speed up the wealth creation process.

My work is primarily catered towards professionals, families, and small business owners. I am constantly looking for ways to use technology more robustly to deliver superior client research and customized communication. This is to ensure I could provide unparalleled service and maximum satisfaction to all of my clients.

A Team Effort

With the support of an exceptional management team, an administrative team, and industry experts, I have enhanced my ability to provide excellent service to my expanding client base.

Greg French
Greg French

My Personal Life

I am happily married to my wife, Lori, and have two beautiful children, Naithan and Brienna. When I’m not at the office, you’ll see me doing work around our house, coaching, playing golf and hockey, and taking the kids to their various sporting activities.

As a French-Canadian, I’m proud of my children for carrying on the tradition of speaking both English and French by attending the French immersion program at Banting Secondary School.

Get Connected

For questions about my selection of consultation services or any other concerns, contact me today. I am more than happy to accommodate you.